Комитет по сельскому хозяйству и продовольствию Гродненского облисполкома

Министерство сельского хозяйства и продовольствия Республики Беларусь

The agricultural sector of the Grodno region works in a stable regime.

Taking in consideration the production of main types of agricultural products per capita, the region occupies a leading place not only in the republic, but also among neighbouring and distant countries.

 Production volumes and sales of major agricultural products increase every year; simultaneously, there is a steady growth in productivity of land and animal husbandry.

 The main emphasis in the development of agro-industrial complex is put on intensification of production, modernization of agricultural sectors, introduction of modern high-efficiency technologies. This allows not only to maintain a high level of production, but also to ensure a stable and consistent increase in the production volume of foodstuffs and raw materials for processing industries.

In the context of dairy farming, we are actively implementing the program of new farm development and reconstruction of the existing dairy farms, using the stationary combo-box tether-free keeping and milking of cows in the automated halls with computer-driven control systems. There are already 251 dairy farms of this type in the region, keeping about 72 % from the total number of cows. The newest state-of-the-art dairy farms with milking robots (i.e. milking without participation of milkmaids) have been commissioned in Novogrudok and Smorgon districts.